World War II was the first conflict to take place in the age of electronically mass distributed music

Many people in the war listened to radio and long playing records en masse.

Therefore, World War II was a unique situation for music and its relationship to warfare. Never before was it possible for not only single songs, but also single recordings of songs to be so widely distributed to the population. Never before had the number of listeners to a single performance (a recording or broadcast production) been so high, and Never before had Music played such an important part in keeping spirits high for all of those

Londoners during the blitz.


Dance Sing Along Or Just Sit Back And Be Entertained With Songs Like Rabbit: Gurtcha:  Ain't No Pleasing You: Sideboard Song: Mummy Hold Me Dicky While I Wee: Grannie's Flannel Draws And All The Old One's You Thought You Had Forgotten


‘The Bombshells’ offer a fantastic nights worth of entertainment, featuring all time classics from a time a gone by. They recreate musical history with their incredible harmonies, similar to the Andrew’s Sisters. With this Trio you should expect full live vocals accompanied with their fun loving, bubbly personalities, which will only make you want to move your feet. Bringing old time classic songs from the 1940’s and present day hits in the boogie woogie style, makes The Bombshells perfect for all ages. The easy listening nature to their selected songs makes this trio perfect for a range of venues and style of events.

LAND OF HOPE & GLORY with Diane Moore

To commemorate the 60 Anniversary of the end of World War II, Diane decided to produce and perform a wartime show paying tribute to the fantastic music of the 1940’s.


 Land of Hope & Glory is testament to a golden age of love, loss, camaraderie and kinship - the like of which will never be seen or experienced again. The songs that bound a nation together through the most terrifying and uncertain period of it’s history, are performed with warmth, vigour and humour by Diane.


A trip down memory lane is the order of the day, hopefully surfacing the more happier memories of the war.


Introducing the latest sensation that is the DAISY BELLES
The all-singing, all-dancing female close harmony trio. Recapturing the authentic sounds of The Andrews Sisters.
Showcasing a delightful mix of classic hits from the bygone years and popular modern songs with a unique twist. Dazzling audiences internationally with their intricate harmonies, cute vintage choreography and fun loving flare!