LIVE Promotions have been established almost 30 years, run and owned by artists who not only understand the meaning of providing a quality service but are actively performing in the field for our clients.

Hands on and in touch week to week with the business needs of each and every venue, not only through speaking directly with our venue owners and managers, but performing for their customers.

What better way to be best equipped to understand the individual needs of each and every one of you


T's & C's

Terms of Business
All Organisations and private individuals that undertake to employ the services of our company
agree to adhere to the following Terms of Business as outlined below

All monies collected on behalf of our organisation by artist’s acting as representative of our company must be remitted within 7 days of the date of collection. (Non-payment will result in late payment fee’s, please ask for a copy of our schedule of fee's & charges) An act is acting as a representative of our company when collecting fees from our clients and non-remittance of fees would constitute theft and will be reported to the police

Artists should co-operate with venues over playing times, dress code and adhere to special conditions as agreed in advance of a booking
We cannot be held responsible for bookings cancelled by the venue; however, the following cancellation fees will apply in the event of a cancellation

Cancellation Fee’s
Should the venue wish to cancel an event the following fee scale will be payable to the artist:

Tribute and theme based shows require 6 weeks notice or the full fee is payable,
For standard acts (Soloists, Bands Etc) 15-28 days’ notice 50% of the full fee, 0-14 days’ notice 100% or the full fee
For specific events, extended cancellation periods may apply, these will be outlined in your booking confirmation, however New Year’s Eve Bookings carry a 90-day cancellation notice period as standard, the full fee will be payable on any New Year’s Eve bookings cancelled within the 90-day notice period.  Cancellation fees are enforceable at the discretion of the act. Live Promotions will look to mediate an agreement between the act and venue.
In cases where an agreement cannot be found the act will look to seek recovery of unpaid monies through the small claims court.
Should an act wish to cancel within the notice period or fail to attend a contracted booking and a suitable replacement not be available, the act will be required to pay their performance fee as compensation to the client and the agency management fee to our company, these fees are payable at the discretion of client and Live promotions respectively
If an act is late, fails to attend or deviates from the terms of a booking that results in any form of financial loss, the artist will be liable to pay the full arrangement fee to our company.


Should an artist be asked to play on past the agreed booking time, this will be charged at a Pro Rata rate, to that of the original agreed fee.

No personal contact information whatsoever should be exchanged between the act and the client under any circumstances.
Acts are prohibited from displaying advertising material or handing out business cards, or any other form of promotional material whilst they are operating on an engagement that has been made by Live Promotions. This action would be considered a breach of contract

All parties agree that once a booking has been undertaken at a venue through our company. All future bookings, following the introduction of an artist to both the Venue and the Client, must be made through our company, if that client has more than one venue or place of business, this agreement will extend to all locations, not just the location of the initial booking, without exception.
Direct bookings are not to be made

An artist is considered under contract for the duration, upon which the venue/client engages the services of our company. Should a client terminate the services of our company, all artist who services have been utilised by that client are prohibited from engaging their services directly with that client for a period of 24 months from date of the client’s formal termination
Artists utilising the services of our company are prohibited from brokering their services directly to an existing client of our company, clients equally are prohibited from contacting artists registered with our company once our services have been engaged, even if the artist’s services have not yet been utilised by that client.

Clients accept that if an artist reaches a point that their services are suspended or terminated for whatever reason, they will cease to use that artist indefinitely, until that artist are reinstated with our company or Live Promotions Services are Terminated, at this point the 24 months non-engagement period will commence.


Confirmation of any booking constitutes acceptance of all terms & Conditions unless raised prior to the performance date.
Failure to adhere to any of these terms would constitute Breach of Contract.

Our Schedule of charges/fees are detailed below.
Late Payment Fee £15.00 per missed payment (Payments due within 7 days of performance)
Late payment fee's will be applied per individual booking
Breach of Contract Fee £1000.00,
Court Referral Fee £500.00,
Court Attendance Fee £250.00

Should any party be found to have breached contract with Live promotions they agree to pay the breach of contract fee as outlined in the charges
Should the services of any external organisation be employed to recover outstanding monies or assist in any other matter, the fees for those services will be passed to the debtor.

If you have any questions or need further information relating to our company and services, please use the contact us page